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Healthy food enthusiasts Monde Nissin, Thailand import Quorn® alternative protein products from Quorn, a meat free British brand.

The launch event “Food Innovation for Better Living” showcased a range of innovative food, created to meet the demands of a new generation of people who love health and food. Honoured by Mr. Brian Davidson, British Ambassador to Thailand in the opening ceremony at the British Embassy on 27 March.

Mr Kevin Brennan, Executive Chairman of Quorn Foods, UK, says that the lifestyle of urban people in Thailand is changing for many and health is becoming increasingly important. This trend sees people spending more time exercising, alongside an increased need for delicious food made with less meat. Quorn is made from mycoprotein. It has the texture of meat, no cholesterol and is low in saturated fat. Quorn also does not include any soy based ingredients.

The highlight of the event was the cooking show from a Thailand Chef , Chef Ian - Pong Thawatch Chaloem Kittichai. An exclusive menu was created for the events special guests to enable the tasting of Quorn. Chef Ian said "Since studying and working abroad, I appreciate much more the health benefits of food. This includes following a good diet by eating 5 small meals daily, alongside a regular exercise routine. I believe Quorn can be used to replace meat, not only in the taste, but also in its texture."

"The trend of Thai food has changed over the past 3-5 years, with more attention being paid to the texture of food. Quorn can satisfy the consumer's taste and texture" said Chef Ian. "In addition to health and taste, when Thai recipes are created using Quorn, they have a real freshness”. Discover great tasting Quorn food on the recipe page here.